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Solarsuit Australia has been manufacturing sun protective clothing and swim wear in Australia since 1990. Australian made and owned. It all began  when Solarsuit Managing Director, Susan Craig, invented neck-to-knee swimwear outfits for her children in preparation for a boating and camping holiday on South Australia's rugged far west coast in the town of Elliston, South Australia. Little did she realise the revolution she was pioneering, a revolution that compelled her to further her designs and create Solarsuit Australia the company. A creation that also earned Solarsuit Australia the honour of being one of the top 100 Australian inventions of last centruy; along with Victa Mowers, Vegemite, The Minogue sisters and many more prestigious Australian iconic brands, as voted by the then, CLEO Magazine Australia.  Solarsuit Australia - a global company specializing in skin cancer prevention with an extensive range of quality garments made from specialty fabrics that meet the Australian standard AS/NZ4399 for sun protective textiles and the Oeko-tex International standard for dyes that do not harm human skin or the environment.

Solarsuit's business ethos embraces human and environmental welfare through the production process.

With over 25 years experience, specializing in clothing and swim wear for sun protection, Solarsuit Australia is an expert in this field, delivering products that are specifically designed not only for sun protection, but also gives great consideration to the comfort and performance of the fabrics used in the Solarsuit range. Solarsuit Australia. Inspired by Australia. Working for Australian's.

Two main fabrics are used in the Solarsuit range; Chloresist and Solarcool.  Chloresist swim wear fabric is elastane free, which means the fibres will not break down after exposure to chlorine, maintaining shape, colour and UPF rating for much longer.  

Solarcool fabric is a blend of maximum sun protection and maximum comfort. Solarcool is designed specifically to be worn in the heat of the day and will keep you cool and comfortable when it’s hot. The construction of Solarcool is lightweight and knitted to provide air flow over your skin, so your Solarcool clothing will feel light and breezy. The fibres are like tiny hollow tubes which draw the sweat away from your skin, through to the outside of the fabric keeping your skin dry, so you won’t have that hot clammy feeling. Solarcool’s anti-microbial properties destroy the growth of bacteria guarding against body odour. You’ll love the feel of your Solarcool clothing for any outdoor activity, be it golfing, sailing, walking, just about anything. Solarsuit Australia. Australian made and owned since 1990. Inspired by Australia. Working for Australian's. Our prices include delivery Australia wide.


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Oeko-Tex is an international testing authority that analyses fabrics for harmful substances. This includes known banned substances and also known harmful substances that are currently not banned in various countries. “OEKO-TEX® leads the world in empowering and enabling consumers and companies to protect our planet by making responsible decisions”.

Solarsuits’ Solarcool clothing and Chloresist swim wear fabrics meet the Oeko-tex 100 standard. Solarsuits’ ethical regard for human and environmental health and welfare ensures that our fabrics are tested for harmful substances and produced with dyes that are not harmful to humans; are produced in factories that have environmentally friendly facilities and safe and socially responsible workplaces


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Solarsuit Australia. Australian made and owned since 1990. Inspired by Australia. Working for Australian's.

Solarsuits’ Solarcool clothing and Chloresist swim wear fabrics are tested in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand standard for sun protective textiles and are rated in the highest classification for sun protection; UPF50+, as developed by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Health authorities worldwide including The Cancer Council of Australia have assessed that continuous exposure to the sun, (ultraviolet radiation) is damaging to your skin, eyes and your immune system. So to reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer, increase your sun protection with clothing, sun screen, hats, sunglasses and avoiding the sun between the most intense UV times of 10am – 3pm.